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National Pandemic Flu Service

The purpose of this service

This service will assess the patient’s symptoms and, if required, provide an authorisation number, which can be used to collect antivirals from a local Antiviral Collection Point.
Link to government  website on swine flu  announced or phone 0800-1513-100

This service is only for people with high temperature and other symptoms which are likely to be caused by swine flu.

You can get more information about flu symptoms from and the Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1 513 513.

Assistive Technology - Adult Social Services

Stay safe and independant at home
What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is the term used for specialised equipment, designed to increase the independance of people living at home with a range of disabilities and includes items like pressure mats,smoke detectors,flood detectors, fall detectors,inactivity monitors, voice prompts and pill dispensers.

How can I access this service?  . Contact 0844 800 8014 or visit our website at or email at

NHS Direct: ‘We’re Here’

It’s three o’clock in the morning and your five-year old won’t stop crying.You’re worried sick.

You’ve woken up with a dreadful stomach ache – it’s now 11am and it hasn’t got any easier but you don’t want to bother your GP.

Where do you turn?

NHS Direct provides symptomatic health advice and information  24 hours a day, seven days a week for people living in England - Just dial 0845 46 47 or visit for our online symptom checker.

Just there for when you’re feeling unwell either.  They can provide information on a wide range of health topics, as well as details of local health services and support organisations, for example Dental Registration; Health A-Z; Health Conditions and Treatments.

For anyone whose first language isn’t English, a confidential interpretation service is available in many languages.