Coltishall Playing Fields Bowls Club

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May 2011

May 2011
BBQ 2012  July 13th The Engine room
Thanks to Barry & Rosemary
A full Gazebo
One of the few days when it did not rain

Coltishall PF Bowls Club has been playing on the green in front of the Village Hall on Rectory Road for more than 30 years. It is self supporting, relying on its members to raise funds for the maintenance of the pavilion/ changing rooms, green and surrounds. The preparation and maintenance of the green to an acceptable standard for competitive play is a time consuming and costly excercise and we are indebted to members of the Coltishall community who support our various fund raising efforts during the year. We are fortunate also to have a long serving Greenkeeper, Brian Bell who devotes many hours to this task assisted, when necessary,by other members.

The Club currently plays in three competitive leagues. The City League Division 2 who play in the two wood " roving cot (or jack) format, The Yare Federation League Division 1 (having won promotion from Division 2 last year) and the North Walsham Triples League. The latter two leagues play in the three wood rink format. All leagues require a team of twelve players.

In recent years the Club has been invited to play in the Cawston Floodlight Competion and will contest the 2008 Final (held over from last year) on May 1st 2009. The Presidency of the North Walsham Triples League is awarded on an annual rotational basis and this year it is the turn of the Coltishall Club to provide the President. Our chairman, Ray Thompson has the honour to act this year and will host the the Presidents Day competition on our green on 18th July and also the Knock Out Finals day on 5th September.

Coltishall PF Bowls Club
Luckily the weather held for the Closing of the Green and barbecue which was late this year as matches had to be rescheduled - mostly due to the weather. We had a spider, competitions, raffle, delicious food and made a profit. Many thanks are due to the organizers, particularly the cooks for a lovely afternoon.

As far as league competitions are concerned, we were top of Division 2 in the City League so should be elevated. We didn't do so well in Division 2 of the Yare League so will probably be relegated. There are no divisions in the North Walsham League but finished about half way. We reached the final of the North Walsham Knock Out Cup but only got to the second round of the Cawston Floodlit League.

Several members played in County Competitions and our Captain. Tony Elvin, got through to the final of the national singles in Skegness. Several blocks did well in weekend competitions at Sheringham, Erpington, Aylsham and Cawston.

The Annual General Meeting took place on 21st October and the officers are:
President - Lesley Shingles, Chairman and Secretary - Ray Thompson, Treasurer -Hazel Bell, Groundsman - Brian Bell, Captain - Tony Elvin, Vice-captain - Brian Bell.

As a social event we had dinner at The Mead on Saturday 27th November.

We enjoyed taking part in the Village Fete and look forward to the next one when we hope to widen the scope of our contribution. We have not arranged bingo sessions this autumn as previous support proved disappointing. Other fundraising activities are being investigated.

Ray Thompson

President Leslie Shingles 01603 737841
Chairman Ray Thompson 01603 737336
Captain Tony Elvin
Vice Captain Brian Bell 01603 890905
Secretary Lindsey James
Press Secretary Pam Thompson
Teasurer Hazel Bell 01603 737233
Groundsman Brian Bell
Auditor/Examiner Ray Thompson
Team Selection Ray Thompson, Robert James, Tony Elvin
Club Committee All of the above except Pam Thompson


The Annual Membership Subscription is £25.00 and the Match fee is £1.50 per game.


The Club is affiliated to the Norfolk County Bowls Association and to the Norfolk County Womans Bowls Association.
Membership.  Membership is open to all regardless of age, sex, colour, creed or where you live and newcomers to the game regardless of ability are welcome as coaching in playing the game and understanding the "etiquette" is available. We are anxious to recruit new members of all ages and gender to strengthen the Club and to to replace those of us who are not in the first flush of youth or more accurately are well past our "sell by date".

Please get in touch with any member of the committee if you are interested. We open our green on Sunday April 19th at 2.00pm and Club nights are on Wednesdays and play during the day is possible by arrangement.

Coltishall Playing Fields Bowls Club

Yare Bowls Federation - Premier Division 3 -  2012 Season
updated 13th August 2012

Team Played W D L For Against Points
St Marks 13 9 0 4 937 80857
Coltishall PF 13 8 0 5 1022 74450
Spixworth 11 7 0 4 781 70747.5
Sprowston Harriers 13 70 6 864 90744
Norwich Brewery 12 60 6 803 83241.5
Saxon 11 6 0 5 804 706 41
Thorpe Rec B 10 3 0 7569 741 27
Cloverhill 13 2 0 11 740 1059 21

City League - Division 1 -  2012 Season

updated 13th August 2012

Team Played W D L For Against Points
Swanton Abbott 11 803 916 717 103
Settlement House 11 704 871 737 99
Heartsease SF 11 704 812 797 88
Hethersett Social 9 504 653 675 67
Coltishall PF 9 4 0 5 633 696 56
Wroxham 9 3 0 6 601 721 44
Electricity 10 10 9 668 799 33