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Coltishall Crime report

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Coltishall Crime Report

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22 June 2012

Coltishall and Aylsham neighbourhood crime summary May 2012

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9 April 2012

Coltishall and Aylsham neighbourhood crime summary February to March 2012

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30 August 2011

Coltishall crime report

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20 August  2011

The following is a Home Watch message for the Broadland district
Police in Broadland are urging motorists to ensure their property is secure following a number of thefts across the district.

A number of incidents of theft from vehicles have been reported to police this month in Spixworth, Hellesdon, Horstead, Salhouse, Coltishall and Horsham St Faith prompting a warning from police to motorists to make sure vehicles are left locked and secure.

Motorists are advised to take simple steps to help reduce their chances of becoming a victim of crime by removing valuables from display and making sure vehicles are locked and secure.

Additional crime prevention advice offered by Norfolk Constabulary includes:

·         Remove audio equipment, sat navs, mobile phones, laptops and handbags from your vehicle when out and about or even overnight.

·         Property mark your valuables so if they are stolen, they can be more easily traced if recovered

Meanwhile, police are appealing for help from the public in order to trace a group of males involved in an assault in Reepham on Sunday 7 August.

The incident happened between 2am and 2.15am in Market Place when the victim, a 15-year-old male, was approached by a group of males who punched and kicked him.

The victim suffered a broken tooth and swollen lip and officers believe several people may have witnessed the incident.

Anyone with information should contact PC Steve Coe at Taverham Police Station on 0845 456 4567 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


For further crime prevention advice and the latest news from your neighbourhood visit

To contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team call 0845 456 4567 – in an emergency always dial 999.

Coltishall - Aylsham crime summary w/e 4 August
The following is a Home Watch message for the Aylsham neighbourhood.

Crime summary

The following are crimes of note only and do not represent all crimes reported in the neighbourhood.

27-28 July: Holman Road, Aylsham. A four foot slatted bench with cast iron ends was stolen from a garden. Cr/no 36267/11.

27-30 July: Barnby Road, RAF Coltishall. A fence panel was damaged. Cr/no 36627/11.

29-30 July: Burgh Road, Aylsham. An insecure canoe was stolen. Cr/no 36731/11.

30 July-1 August: Granny Bard’s Lane, Crostwick. A 12 volt battery was stolen from an irrigation pump. Cr/no 36928/11.

1 August: Hautbois Road, RAF Coltishall. A rear windscreen of a parked car was smashed. Cr/no 37039/11.


1-2 August: Charles Close, Wroxham. A table saw was stolen from a property. Cr/no 37212/11

Anyone with information about these offences is asked to contact police on 0845 456 4567.


Coltishall Crime report for June to July 2011 can be view at the Link

COLTISHALL CRIME REPORT - Annual report March 2010 to 2011

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COLTISHALL CRIME REPORT  December 2010 to January 2011

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COLTISHALL CRIME REPORT  3 October to 3 November 2010

The latest crime report for the Aylsham Safer Neighbourhoods can be found at the following link: coltishall_crime_report_oct-nov_2010

Police Speed Checks will continue to be conducted at the Ling way and North Walsham rd Junction and additionally in Coltishall High Street.


The latest crime report for the Aylsham Safer Neighbourhoods can be found at the following link:  coltishall Crime Report

Where it is reported that speed checks were conducted on the North Walsham Road, the August SNAP  meeting indicated that one car driver was issued with a speeding ticket and two car drivers were given warnings.   Subsequentley further speed checks have been conducted in the area of Ling Way and the results will be announced at the next SNAP meeting on 25 Ocotober.


Over 50 drivers warned for parking offences-Aylsham
More than 50 motorists have been spoken to for parking illegally outside schools in a police crack down.   Officers from Aylsham Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) gave verbal warnings to motorists parking on double yellow lines, close to junctions, actually on junctions, parking on yellow hatchings and on time restricted single yellow lines, over the past five weeks.

In total 55 drivers were warned for illegal and inconsiderate parking, several warnings were given to motorists for seat belt offences along with one £30 fine.

PCSO Tracey Frost from the Aylsham SNT said: “We have received positive feedback from parents, carers, residents and staff about the five week initiative we carried out.   “The main intention was to educate drivers of the dangers of parking illegally and dangerously on the roads particularly outside of the schools.
“We warned many motorists and suggested alternative parking areas to improve the safety of pupils attending school and prevent congestion on the roads”.

Officers will continue to carry out checks and monitor the parking situation outside of schools.

The initiative was carried outside John O Gaunt School and Bure Valley School in Hungate Street, St Michaels School, Blickling Road in Aylsham –

Coltishall Primary School, Rectory Road, Coltishall –

Hevingham School, near The Heath, Hevingham –

Buxton School, Aylsham Road. Hevingham

To report neighbourhood issues contact the Aylsham SNT on 0845 456 4567 or e-mail


Issue Date: 15/02/2010 

Pubs signs up to Nightsafe in Aylsham

A new scheme to make Aylsham a safer place to socialise is being rolled out to licensed premises in the town.

The towns three public houses are the first to sign up to the banning and information sharing scheme; ‘Nightsafe-SIRCS’ in a bid to combat crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Black Boys Hotel, The Unicorn and The Feathers and others who join the scheme will be linked directly with the police and other registered members who will share information about patrons who cause drink-related nuisance.

This will mean that licensed premises can work closely with the police and help to keep an eye on patrons known to be anti-social, and in turn encourage responsible behaviour.

In addition, licensed premises will be able to ban anyone for six months and the ban will bar the person from all members premises in Broadland.   The scheme is being set up to help reduce the anti-social behaviour linked to licensed premises, which was adopted as a neighbourhood priority by the Aylsham Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Sgt Julia Sandell said: "It is great that the pubs in the town have all signed up to the scheme and are all taking responsibility to make a night out in Aylsham safer.
"We will be visiting other licensed premises over the next few weeks to offer them the free information sharing system which will benefit them and help link the licensed premises together to improve the safety of the night time economy".

Matthew Miller, publican of The Black Boys Hotel said: "It is very good to work with the police and other licensees in the town to prevent anti-social behaviour. The scheme needs the support from local licencees to make it work.    "It is good for us all to be linked together and know what is happening in other pubs and licensed premises and stop offenders who cause trouble in one causing trouble in all".

PC Gary Pettengell, Nightsafe Co-ordinator said: "The Norfolk NightSafe-SIRCS Scheme was launched in Great Yarmouth in January 2009. There are now over 650 registered users and the partnership is proving to be a huge success. SIRCS allows for the effective sharing of information and members can securely access the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a computer or mobile phone".

All Nightsafe/SIRCS members will display Nightsafe posters.

Nightsafe/SIRCS is a secure online Crime Management System administrated by the Empowering Communities Team, who is responsible for keeping members up to date with exclusion orders and notifications.

Any licensed premises in the area who is interested in signing up to the scheme should contact either Sgt Julia Sandell, Acle SNT or Aylsham SNT on 0845 456 4567 for further information.

Coltishall Crime Report for the 4th December to 5th January

There were 3 crimes recorded.

Thefts * 2

Criminal Damage * 1

Calls made to the control room during this period totalled 36. These related mainly to Road Traffic Collisions, Rowdy/Nuisance behaviour and messages.

Village Hall

I am aware of the recent trouble the village hall has been having with anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Consequently, we have been patrolling the grounds more regularly. It is important that if any of the residents see any anti-social behaviour being committed or any suspicious behaviour or vehicles, to report it immediately. This gives us a better chance of catching culprits.

School parking

It has come to my notice that parents have been parking on the yellow zig zag lines outside the primary school. The lines have been put there to ensure pedestrians; especially children can safely walk to school. I am aiming to spend some time around the school at dropping off and picking up times and anyone parking on the zig zag lines will be asked to move. Please park elsewhere.


The next Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting will be held on 2nd February at 7pm at the Jubilee Centre, Norwich Road, Aylsham. Please come along and let us know your issues so that we can take action to resolve them. If you can’t come along, then please let me know your issues.

Property Marking Day

I am planning a property marking day within the next few weeks. The purpose of the day is for anyone to come along with property they would like marked, free of charge. The markings are invisible to the naked eye, but can be viewed with the aid of an ultra violet light. If your property is ever stolen, property marking is a useful method to establish ownership if your property is recovered.