Coltishall to Belaugh
a walk along the
public footpath

As a young airman and furrin'er living in the village in the 60's I was often puzzled when asking locals, where they were going on holiday ? The reply was, that they were going to Belaugh Beach. Well I eventually did find out, that the beach was in fact the Staithe at Belaugh which can be reached from a public footpath down Anchor Street. I hope you enjoy this short walk of a mile or so there and back. We start at the lower common far end at the entrance to Anchor Street
If you walk down Anchor Street, so named because of the former pub, often frequented by the likes of Douglas Bader and other Battle of Britain Pilots, sadly like Clifford Allen's old Norfolk Wherry building boatyard it also has been converted into housing but very tastefully done.
Carry on to the end of Anchor Street and you will come to two gates with step-over styles for access to the public footpath as marked. Please be aware that cattle can be in the field, so if you have to access the walk via the gate, please  REMEMBER THE COUNTRY CODE AND ALWAYS SHUT THE GATE BEHIND YOU.

The photo's are taken in mid March but please be aware that the walk can be very muddy during the wet months and stout walking apparel is advised.
Continue on through the first field keeping the river Bure on your right, continue to the second gate.

In the height of the tourist season you will see many boats using the river. Cruisers often use the stretch of water from Wroxham to Coltishall to have a shakedown trip to get to know their craft on the first day of the holiday, or as some do moor up on the last night for a short trip back to hand in their boats.

Either way Coltishall ensures a good night stop on a free berthing common and lots of fine restaurants and pubs to visit.
Water Bird Rescue
If during your walks along the river bank you come across a Swan in distress or any water bird The Swan Helpline phone number is 01603 782626
By continuing through this next field you will come across a row of proud oak trees with reed and marsh land further forward and the river Bure still to your right.

From here in the distance rising majestically you can see the tower of the church of St Michael  Belaugh who's records go back to 1538
Carrying on across the field passing the reed beds on the right you may be lucky enough to see a heron or any variety of local broads wildfowl and bird species.

Eventually at the end of this field you come to the third and final gate and step over style.
Continuing along a path with passing some delightful houses all around  and you will come to where the path leads into Back Lane, here turn to the right you are in The Street Belaugh village.

If you turn left at this junction you will come to the main Coltishall to Wroxham Road, not the best and safest of pedestrian routes
If you continue on going right you will see in front of and above you another view of the church of St Peter in the distance.
Just a little further on now and on your right you will arrive at the Staithe where you can rest a while on a seat and even take in the rules of  the Broads Authority mounted on a sign nearby.
After your refreshing break you can either carry on up and around to the church of St Peter and around the Belaugh loop via The Top Road and Back to the Street to get back to the public right of way, or just turn around and go back the way you came. This view shows the view on return across the fields
Finally back through Anchor Street  you arrive back at Coltishall Lower Common where you can take in the beauty of the broads, have a picnic, fish or visit may of the fine pubs and restaurants situated at all ends of the village. 

If you wish to send postcards of your visit there is a post office just past the car park for The Rising Sun and  Kings Head Pub, further into the village there is the Red Lion, Andaman Orchid, The Mead Hotel, The Railway Tavern and various fast food outlets and shops in the centre of the village near the upper common.

Click on this Link to Local Businesses to find out more info on where to stay,shop eat or visit

We hope you enjoyed this short walk.

Do's and dont's when walking in fields containing cattle

Some information supplied by the Chief Excutive of the Ramblers who offers the following advice when walking in a field with calves
Do Don't
Try not to get between cows and their calves Don't hang on to your dog,if you are threatened by animals,let it go as the cow will chase after that.
Be prepared for cattle to react to your presence, especially if you have a dog Don't put yourself at risk. Find another way round the cows and rejion the footpath as soon as possible.
Move quickly and quietly, and if possible walk around them Don't panic! Most cows will stop before they reach you. if they follow just walk on quietly
Keep your dogs close and under proper control Don't forget to report any problems to the highway authority