Please support Coltishall Zero Tolerance over Vandalism
21st July 2010 Cricket pavilion window vandalised again,

The damge occured between Sunday 20th and Monday 19th July

If you have any information on this please contact  North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

5th May 2010
Less than a week after installation some mindless morons have damaged an important  fire exit with disability ramp at the village hall.
Although the photo shows only one vertical support three have been levered loose and left unsafe. I addition the back safety rails have been battered and paint damaged.

The damage occured bewteen 12:30pm 4th of May and 08:30am 5th of May.

The ramp is now out of commission until after repair.

If you have any information on this please contact  North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

A lot of volunteers work hard to improve the village, please give up the morons who want to wreck it!!!

5th April 2010

Window smashed in Village Hall Lounge Door

Sometime between Saturday afternoon 3rd April and Monday the 5th a large stone has been thrown at the lounge door causing the safety glass to shatter, also in the last two weeks person(s) unknown have tried to seek entry via hall windows.

If you have any information on this please contact  North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

8th February 2010
Vandals strike again > Coltishall Village hall wheelie bin stolen.

This is the second time a bin has been stolen, and there have been bins stolen from Rectory Road and Church Close recently. We have reports the the bins have been towed behind cars with youths riding in them - a very dangerous and thoughtless action!!

Below are photos of latest mindless damage to your community assets, if you have any information on who caused this please contact  North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

Cricket areaFootball area

18th September 2009
Damage to Post Office VanBeer cans and litter Damage at Roger Bradburys
Vandals strike in Church Street and Village Hall Car Park
Mindless morons who do not value other peoples property struck again in Coltishall last night damaging a Post Office van on the Village Hall car park and a window in Church Street near Roger Bradbury's. Police attended the scene and have taken some evidence away.  Anyone with information please contact North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

You can help further by reporting any criminal damage, theft etc, the police do not have a crystal ball and need your help in solving and preventing all manner of crime and anti-social behavior.

10th July 2009

Vandalism at Bowls Club

Last night 9th July between 9:0pm and 3pm on 10th July the Bowls club fence was damaged as per  photo below

Anyone with information please contact North Walsham Police on 0845 456 4567

Along side this article are a series of photographs of damage  to your property over the past 3 years

Yes you the residents of Coltishall and Great Hautbois who pay the rates loaded to this parish.The village hall, cricket pavilion, football changing rooms, bowls club, play park and  playing fields are all items run by the CVH&RG Charity for the Parish Council
The photo on the right is the Jaguars Football club shed which shows the third attempt at wrecking it, the roof felt has also been damaged.

During the last three weeks there has also been two windows, a down pipe broken and fire started at Roger Bradburys, a break in at the island Filling Station Forecourt, Intimidation of Staff at Londis, windows and  tiles broken at the football changing rooms, external lights on the village hall and cricket pavilion have also been smashed
And that is not all, a flagstone from the cricket pavilion was thrown through the window and several panels around the bowls green.

Add to this the litter and bottles smashed and dumped all over areas where your young children play. Additionally graffiti is starting to appear again.

The allotments have not escaped either with various niggling incidents of stolen crops and damage to water taps

It would appear that we are not the only ones, Horstead is also suffering

Why Should we and, what can we do? - It is no secret that there are a bunch of children/teenagers who have scant regard for people, property or their own self esteem.

Please report to the Police, our PCSO or any Parish Council members, any incident you see, hear or have heard of. Complete confidence is assured

Just look at the photographs of the damage done to your, the communities property and help rid the village of damage done by a few mindless moron's

Make Coltishall a ZERO Tolerance Zone for Vandalism

View above shows damage done to fire door 20th Mar 09

Cricket pavilion this slab was thrown through window and used to break lights
Cricket shed & pitch covered in old oil Cricket Shed rh Door ripped off Cricket Pavilion window smashed
The Lh hand shed door was done this time and in Feb 2009. The light shown in the centre of the two doors was smashed as has all the glass in the building, doors, guttering and, a tap ripped off.

The shed guttering and rear window has also been destroyed
 View from road reinforced window smashed, brick thrown into roof tile Football changing rooms from football field, all windows smashed plus roof lights and several tiles Front door kicked in 2008
window smashed , boarded year before

This window above was broken the weekend of 14th Mar 2009
Thousand of pounds of damage has been done to these changing rooms and the lead flashing stolen from the roof.

We do not have the money to repair all this damage.

Graffiti (offensive word blanked)

Have you heard seen or have suspicions who caused the damage?

Help us and the police with information
do not let a minority group of
vandals tarnish your village property


<Photo left 
The gas mains cover ripped off
All the gas heater vent covers have had to be replaced through willful damage.
The village hall has had drain pipes shattered, guttering pulled down lights smashedThe play area has had an attempt to steal a swing, the swings slackened off, bottles broken in the area an apple tree wrecked and rubbish strewn around.The bowls green fence has been kicked in, score boards wrecked and bottles and rubbish thrown over it. The GPO Vans have been damaged
In the centre of the village near the Pharmacy a bench was damaged.
The wood locker on the petrol station was broken into and, several windows have been smashed and car mirrors damaged in Church street, more damage has been done in Horstead as well


If you know who the culprits are report it.