New Plastic Recycling Facility at Polyprint Films Ltd., Rackheath in conjunction with Broadland District Council

A new recycling facility is now available to the public for the recycling of polythene wrappers and bags at Polyprint Mailing Films on the Rackheath Industrial estate for more information contact 01603 721807, fax 01603 721813 or email



TEL: 01603 721807

We recycle both printed and unprinted polythene wrappers and bags etc from whatever source, provided all paper labels, sellotape, sticky residue, food remnants and foreign objects have been removed. The recycling codes that apply to our process are numbers 2 and 4.

What can’t you take? Downloadable pdf file

Our facilities purely cover the handling of polythene rather than cellophane, PVC, nylon, PET etc.

How do I tell the difference?

Other materials can normally be differentiated from polythene as they are usually glass clear in appearance and sound “crinkly” when touched. Polythene will also stretch fairly easily whereas the other products do not.

How do I package it?

The best way to ensure that your package is delivered safely is to either use a box or pack the wrappers flat / rolled.
It would be helpful if you could include your contact details and please clearly mark your package: For Recycling.

How do I get it to you?

Experience has shown that the best way of forwarding material to us is by 2nd class or parcel post, in which case, please ensure the correct postage is rate is used as the Post Office has advised us that they are removing several packages a day from our local delivery office and sending them to landfill due to insufficient postal rates.

What happens to the polythene?

It takes approximately 200,000 polythene mailing wrappers to make one tonne of recyclable waste, all of which have to be hand-sorted by our staff. After being recycled, the polythene can be used in various ways, often being turned into refuse bags, fertiliser sacks, chairs, benches, tables, pallets etc. Due to the low commercial value of waste polythene we do not make any money from this operation and are therefore unable to assist with carriage costs. We continue with the project as a service to the community and to help protect the environment.

We Can Recycle

Bags used to cover electrical appliances or furniture

Bread bags (shaken out)

Bin bags (clean)


Can & drink pack outers & joining rings

Carrier bags (unless degradable e.g. Tesco)

Cling film (clean)

Compost sacks (clean)

Courier bags (without paper labels)


garment covers

Mailing wrappers (without paper labels and unless degradable)

Polythene recycling categories 2 and 4 (as marked on the film)

Thin bags used in supermarkets for fruit & veg etc (shaken out)

Toilet roll pack and nappy pack outers

We cannot recycle:

Plastic bottles

Cereal packet inners

Crisp packets

Degradable bags (of any type)

Greeting card wrappers (cellophane)

Magazine wrappers from book stalls (polypropylene)

If you have any queries please contact us at the above address