Coltishall Short Walk

This walk short may be of interest to those members of the public who wish to loosen their sea legs after cruising down from Wroxham or those who wish to build up an appetite, or walk off a meal had in one of the pubs and restaurants in the village or on the lower common
The start point for this short walk is opposite the Coltishall Post Office on Wroxham Road you will see the entrance to the walk to the left of telephone box via a wicket gate.

The photo's are taken in mid April but please be aware that the walk can be very muddy during the wet months and stout walking apparel is advised.

Continue along the path through the tree lined walk and take in the views of the surrounding fields, woods and gardens. In season you can observe primroses, bluebell's and daffodils along the route. A group of photos taken in April 2009 are shown right & below

View right is looking back towards post office and wicket gate

view along the path

bluebells in the wood

view across the fields
After walking abouit 500mtr's you will come to a fence lined walk across a field, leading to the Street, St James
At the end of the field turn right and go along taking the right hand fork that leads you into White Lion Road

Below are some more views you can see

Looking back across field

Turn right for White Lion Road

View across field at White Lion Road

White Lion Road
Continue walking along White Lion Road until you reach the Coltishall Lower Common, this is the end of your short circular walk around the lower part of Coltishall Village.
Journey's end, Coltishall lower common in background

Above  is a view of the trees in blossom on lower common April 2009

We hope you enjoyed your walk and visit

Click on this Link to Local Businesses to find out more info on where to stay,shop eat or visit

Please remember the country code

Shut all gates, do not annoy or disturb any  grazing cattle.

Place your litter in bins provided or take it home with you

Keep dogs on a lead

Please pick up your dogs excrement and place in bins located around the common (nearest bin on car park opposite Rising Sun bottle banks)
Thank You

Do's and dont's when walking in fields containing cattle

Some information supplied by the Chief Excutive of the Ramblers who offers the following advice when walking in a field with calves
Do Don't
Try not to get between cows and their calves Don't hang on to your dog,if you are threatened by animals,let it go as the cow will chase after that.
Be prepared for cattle to react to your presence, especially if you have a dog Don't put yourself at risk. Find another way round the cows and rejion the footpath as soon as possible.
Move quickly and quietly, and if possible walk around them Don't panic! Most cows will stop before they reach you. if they follow just walk on quietly
Keep your dogs close and under proper control Don't forget to report any problems to the highway authority