Coltishall WWII Evacuees

We reproduce a letter from Alan Groves in the hope somewhere someone has some photos or editorial of this event, Alan mentions the month but not the year - any information please to

Some years ago when I had the shop on Church Street I did photo-copying for customers and someone brought in a page about evacuees which I kept a copy for myself . The reason being that I was a evacuee so it was of interest to me .

This page stated that " September 1st was a date in the annals of Coltishall of great importance "as over 200 children from London came and were taken in by the village . Now 70 years later it make me wonder who took them in as the village was so much smaller and the logistics of feeding all those extra mouths and how did the shops cope ? And I wonder how many remember them and where did the evacuees go or did any stay in the village after the war ?

Though I was sent to another part of the country it is a period of my life that I remember quite well and I would love to know the answer to the  many questions relating to Coltishall . I appreciate that it was way before your time but is there any records kept of these times ?

With just a little bit of research we have already discovered the date was 1939 September the 1st  and it was known as "Operation Pied Piper" - watch for update of any other information. JH