Coltishall St John the Baptist Church - Bellringing Information and Contacts

Shown below is a  selection of views taken on 29th August 2009 during coffee morning and open day along with information on the bells and contact number for the bell captain, for October news page down to end
A view of church interior from the bell ringers station Clock platform and escarpment The platform for the 6 bells of
St Johns
The Tower and Bells

The 15th century tower is 67 feet high.

12 steps take you up to the first floor ringing chamber and the next 26 steps lead up to the second floor, which houses the clock mechanism.

The bells themselves are a further 24 steps to the third floor,and a final 28 steps will take you out on to the battlements from which a very fine view of the surrounding area may be seen

View of Church Street & Red Lion PH

Bell information table
St. John's has 6 bells.
No.l (Treble) weighs 31A cwt
(in the key of E).
No.2 weighs 3 3/4 cwt (D)
No.3 weighs 5 1/4 cwt (C)
No.4 weighs 5 1/4 cwt (B)
No.5 weighs   7 cwt  (A)
No 6 (Tenor) weighs 10cwt (G)
They were re-hung and re-dedicated in 1951 and repaired, overhauled, and fitted with new ropes, in 2001

Many thanks to the Friends of Coltishall Church, the bell captain and ringers for the guided tour, so sorry I left it 46 years before a visit up the tower - John H

Coltishall bellringers ring for church services, weddings, and special occasions.

We practise on Monday evenings from 7.30 to 9pm.

If you are interested, come along
to one of our practice evenings and see what's involved. You can be assured of a welcome.

Our Tower Captain is 
Tony Weston
Tel: 01603-737269

View of Rectory Road and allotments

News from the Bell Tower
News for the October issue, sounds a bit Autumnal doesn't it, but at least we have had some lovely warm weather, so we mustn't grumble.

A Mr David Webb planned a ringing outing for the members of the Loddon Band on 25th July and they duly called at St John's and rang from 11.00 to 11.45am, so perhaps you heard them. They all commented on what a lovely church it was, and how they had enjoyed their ringing. On another occasion we had visitors ringing at 9.00am! They came from Gloucestershire and were called 'The Ravens'.

On a lovely warm sunny day one of the Coltishall band rang at St Mary's church Wroxham on 25* July for the wedding of Louise and Chris. I'm afraid the Order of Service only gave their Christian names. A reading was given from 'Song of Soloman' followed by the sermon and the lovely song 'Morning Has Broken'.
After prayers and the Blessing a rousing rendition of 'One more step along the way we go' was given. During the signing of the register a choir sang Schubert's 'Ave Maria'.

On Saturday 29th August we held our Open Tower Event. First of all I must say a very sincere thank you to the helpers, who year after year come forward to help on the day, and also make the most delicious cakes. We had a plant and cake stall with lovely bunches of flowers to sell and some really tasty homemade jam, and, of course, a raffle with some great prizes to be won. We were just about to shut the church door, having packed up everything and finished for the day, when along came a lovely young couple with a tiny newly born baby boy nestled in one of those little pouches fitted onto his daddy's chest. They were on holiday and had come all the way from Hong Kong!

As Tony was deciding to take them up, as they were from such a long way away, two young lads turned up with their Father and Grandparents, so of course off they all went to the top of the tower. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, along came Dennis to pick up some more of his gear, and realised what was happening, so off he went yet again up those steps to lend a hand. What, with the view from the top, the Clock and Bell Chamber and, of course, the actual ringing chamber, it is well worth the trip up, so if you missed it this year, all being well we shall 'Do it all again' next year.
This was the 6th time, looking back in our records, that we have held an open tower event.

We had a very busy time and our Treasurer, guess who, was more than pleased with our final total of £351.40. Once again many thanks to all who came, to all who helped and made it a very worthwhile event. Till next time - enjoy your ringing.

Audrey Weston Secretary