Coltishall Village Hall under construction circa 1981

Below are a few photos of the new (circa 1981) Village Hall under construction courtesy of Keith Childerhouse and a local news article of the time. If you have any details of persons in photo or indeed any photo's of the old and new village halls that have been used by the village pleased send them to
Pay your own way,parish councils

LARGER parish councils should be prepared, to pay for their pet projects and not rely on district council handouts, Broadland councillors agreed yesterday.
At the safety and utilities committee meeting of Broadland District Council an application for a grant to help to improve the pavilion at Aylsham Recreation Ground was rejected.
Mrs. M. F. Mason said Aylsham had done well recently in terms of cash grants from Broadland. "I really think some of these larger parish councils should start to fund their own things," she said.
Also  approved was a £4000 grant towards a £2600 community centre for Coltishall. This comes on top of a £ 1000 grant already approved by the council.
Mr. W. H. Stibbons said, "The voluntary effort by local people has been magnificent. I have been greatly surprised by the amount of work put in."
The plans for the community centre were drawn up after the old sports and social club building were destroyed by fire in 1977. The shell of the hall has almost been completed.

 Extract from EEN 3 July 1981