3rd February 2010 latest info
Erection of a 70m high Wind Monitoring Mast for a period of 3 years.

If you wish to see details of wind monitoring mast planning application at North Norfolk District Councl follow link http://planweb.north-norfolk.gov.uk/planning/acolnetcgi.exe   scroll down to planning application quick search and enter 10/0063 when searching for plans         

Notes from a meeting to discuss the installation of a Wind Turbine
at the site of the former R.A.F. Coltishall.
held at 7.00.p.m. Wednesday 20th January 2010 at H.M Bure Visitors Centre

The presentation was by a company called Partnerships for Renewables who have been tasked with the installation of a Wind Turbine on the site of the former RAF Coltishall. This is to satisfy the requirements of the Prison Planning Application where efforts should be made to develop renewable energy projects.

The local benefits will be to satisfy the load requirements of both the Bure Prison and up to 900 households.

There is an added bonus of money being paid into a local benefit fund of up to £6,250 per annum.

  • The plan is for a 2 to 2.5 Mega Watt turbine which will be approximately 80 metres high to the hub with 45 metre radius blades ( Total Height of 125 Metres )
  • The position of this is to the east of the existing airfield towards Sco Ruston.
  • The project has reached the stage where Partnerships for Renewables has agreed a lease for the land required and the necessary access to this site.
  • The next move whilst talking to all interested parties is to install a 70 metre trial mast which will collect technical data.
  • The representatives of P for R were made aware of the recent interest indeveloping this site for aircraft de-commissioning and the likely clash of interest.
  • They confirmed that they were already aware of this and would be discussing the implications of this with the Estates Department of the Ministryof Justice.

As any application for this site has to be lodged with the Planning Department of North Norfolk District Council we will make them aware of the local feeling with regard to these proposals.

It is felt that the application for aircraft de-commissioning  together with it’s use of the total of the redundant airfield and it’s economic benefits to the locality far outweighs the requirement for what is a very green sustainable project.

This was a very interesting meeting with good open discussion. The conclusion was that P for R will continue with their project by arranging local meetings in order to involve community consultation.

Look out for these meetings which could happen towards the end of February.

Keith Childerhouse

26th January 2010