Norfolk Disability Information Service (NDIS)

The Vauxhall Centre Johnson Place
Vauxhall Street

Tel: 01603729802 Fax: 01603729809  Or email: ndis@norfolk. web:

Would you like to know
• Where to get information about benefits?
• How to get a Blue Parking Badge?
• If there is a local or national self-help organisation offering specific information about your disability?
• More about holidays, equipment, sources of funding, sport and leisure?

NDIS has compiled a database of local and national disability information and can 'signpost' you to one or more organisation that can help you.

If you run a support group or know of a good service for disabled people, please share your information with us.

Would you like to keep up to date with changes in benefits, legislation and new services in Norfolk and nationally?
NDIS publishes a free, bimonthly newsletter giving all this and much more. It is available in a range of formats.

Tel:  01603  729802 to  be added to the mailing list
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