29 APRIL 2010



Cllr Mike Adams – Scottow Parish Council
Cllr Penny Bevan-Jones – North Norfolk District Council
Steve Blatch – Strategic Director – Development, NNDC
Sandra Bush – PA to Steve Blatch, NNDC (taking minutes)
Paul Cawkwell – Governor, HMP Bure
Cllr Keith Childerhouse – Coltishall Parish Council
Sapphire Coote – Ormiston Trust
Cllr Nigel Dixon – Norfolk County Council
David Hayman – Norfolk County Council
Cllr Alan Mallett – Broadland District Council
Cllr Ted Nichols – Buxton with Lamas Parish Council
Cllr Barbara Rix – Broadland District Council
Cllr Spencer Whalley – North Norfolk District Council
Cllr Simon Woodbridge – Leader, Broadland District Council
Ian Walters - Head of Offender Management, HMP Bure
1.    ApologiesApologies were received from Chris Hill, PC Gary Read, Cllr Cath Wilkins, Cty Cllr David HarrisonRound table introductions were made.   
2.    Minutes of previous meeting and matters arisingThe minutes of the meeting held on 28 January 2010 were agreed as a true record.Regarding visitor transport to the establishment from Norwich railway and bus stations, PC reported that he had formally raised with Smiths at their contractor meeting the issue that the coach had not been sticking to the agreed route and had been travelling through Hautbois.There have also been a number of complaints that a lot of police vans have also been using the Hautbois Road.  SMB explained that Norfolk Constabulary have been using part of the former RAF Coltishall site for training purposes and doesn’t think that this has anything to do with the prison.  SMB said that he is currently in negotiation with the Police re the future use of site and will ask them whether they can use the B1150 route instead.It was agreed that signage will need to be looked so as to clearly identify the agreed routes.It was confirmed that Polly Kane will be attending the next meeting in July to give a presentation on MAPPA.  Polly Kane is the appropriate lead for offenders across Norfolk.It has been identified that 4 new directional road signs will be required as well as the alteration of two current signs.  PC said that he will need to have budget discussions with his office in London and will report back to the next meeting as to whether the prison will be able to assist with funding for the signs.  He could however assist in the payment of any urgent temporary signs required.  SMB felt that Annington Homes should be contributing towards the signage to Badersfield as this is an obligation on their behalf and is also an expectation of the District Council.  SMB said he would be happy to write to them in this respect.  It would be largely replacing the old signage boards as identified by the County Council.  It was reported that there have been incidences of visitors not being able to find the prison.  It was agreed to put this on the agenda for the next meeting.There was still concern about the sewerage system at the site and how this operates.  PC explained that the owner of the airfield acts as the provider of water to the site and surrounding houses and still has a responsibility in law to manage the sewerage of the site.  It was noted that local residents are currently not being billed for this service.  PC said that the MoJ are responsible for providing sewerage for the prison.  SMB thinks that Annington Homes are now connected to the Anglia Water and Sewage & Treatment facilities at Aylsham.  It was reported that residents have contacted both Anglian Water and Annington Homes to seek clarification in this respect but have not been able to obtain an answer to their questions.  SMB to make enquiries and report back to Scottow and Buxton Parish Councils.    SMBSMBSMB
    Update from Paul Cawkwell, Governor of HMP BurePC confirmed that this building, Newton House, is being retained by the prison as a training centre.PC referred to his circulated report:Operational mattersThe phased opening of the Prison began on the 30th of November 2009, and the population quickly rose to 250.  The remainder of the prison came on line on the 5th of April and there was an expectation that the population will reach 400 by the end of April, and will be full by the third week of May 2010.EmploymentAt the time of writing, the prison directly employed 286 members of staff and was carrying 24 vacancies which it still expects to fill.  These jobs are paid at National rates.  The prison’s contracted Business Partners employ around a further 100 staff, mainly employed in professional and skilled labour roles.Engagement with the communityConstructive relationships are being maintained with the Douglas Bader Pupil Referral Unit.We are working with North Norfolk Business Forum as befits our status as a £14million business.Last week, Paul addressed the Annual General Meeting of Coltishall Parish Council and confirmed that we have maintained the bus service to both Norwich termini.ComplaintsOnly one complaint has been received, and this relates to road signage which is a matter we are committed to resolving in partnership with this Liaison Committee rather than any issue at the prison.Potential planning applicationThe Ministry of Justice are giving serious consideration to submitting a planning application for an additional two storey Houseblock within the secure perimeter of the Prison.  The scheme would help meet the Ministry of Justice’s strategic challenge to increase the size of the Prison Estate to 96,000 by 2014, and makes use of the last remaining development area within the secure perimeter.PC offered reassurances that there was no intention to increase the footprint of the Prison beyond its current boundaries, and stated the Ministry is looking to dispose of the remainder of the site in a process that involves North Norfolk District Council and the Coltishall Task Force.The building, if it goes ahead, will be in keeping with the existing accommodation and would increase the population by a further 100 category C places.  It will provide the Prison with greater financial security and help in creating a further 30 jobs.It was reported that the Ministry of Justice and their consultants have had discussions with the local planning authorities and shared their thoughts with the Coltishall Taskforce Group re the new prison block.  The MoJ have said they would remove two women’s blocks and landscape accordingly and would be an environmental enhancement between the residential properties on Barton Place / Filby Road and the prison.  It was reported that the local people are through to be happy with the plans.  PC said that this is the last remaining area in the perimeter and presents an opportunity of economies of scale.PC reported that the 24 jobs to be filled will mostly be professional jobs including HR, forensic psychologists and specialist fitters in works department.  There would also be two modern apprentice roles, working towards a qualification, working in the grounds outside of the prison.  These roles need to be in line with school timetables.   PC said that the prison’s relationship with NHS Norfolk is first class with good strong feedback from offenders using the service.In terms of engagement with the community, it was asked whether there will be a shop provided for staff on site.  PC said that no meals are provided for staff at lunchtimes and thinks that the local market will take care of their needs.    
4.    Presentation on behavioural work at HMP Bure including prisoner routines, work and trainingIan Walters, Head of Offender Management gave an overview of the interventions function.  (presentation and report attached to these minutes).He said that it is important for offenders to have support from friends and family to help them get back into the community.  Offenders need:§    Education and training§    Finance and debt advice§    Children and families§    Attitude thinking and behaviour§    Mental and physical health§    Accommodation§    Drugs and alcoholOffender needs are assessed by using a national tool called OASys.  Local assessments are also undertaken which will be looked at during the induction on their arrival.  Individual personal schedules and timetables are then put together taking into account relevant interventions required. Resource centre – wide range of classes and training offeredPE department – sports hall and gym - varied programme of recreational activities and courses.  An offender treatment programme area above including sex offender programme.  Offender management unit also based here.Wing based activity areas.Kitchen area – today providing 523 meals– NVQs in catering offered.  Also other qualifications offered.  Also a waste management area.  Offenders always working towards qualifications which can help them adjust going back into the community.  The kitchen has the capacity of providing up to 650 meals per mealtime and there is a pre-selection system with 6 choices available.Weekend activities also provided but each offender does a working week.  PC stated that no other prison in the country works on the HMP Bure model – it is unique.  Sex offender programmes have been running in this country for 20 years.  The reoffending rate of normal prisoners is 60/70% however reoffending rates for sex offenders are significantly lower.  Programmes take place over five months and a psychological assessment is made to see how successful the programme has been before deciding what programme offenders will follow next.  Offenders from this establishment get closer supervision when they end their sentence and are released.  The danger for our population is social exclusion.  Good investment at this stage will help when they are released.  SC said that a log of family support work is undertaken in the visitor centre and there is liaison with other agencies in terms of victim support.  The intelligence level is generally higher than in other prison establishments in respect of core skills.  The growth of the internet has given this country another level of criminals and is reflected in our prison population.  In terms of an after release service, this is part of the Offender Management Act.  Offenders are released on licensed conditions and managed by an Offender Manager from the Probation Service who keeps regular contact.  It is the same Manager from pre-sentencing to post release.  This contact can also be done by video conferencing given that the prison accommodates prisoners from across England.In respect of offender engagement in programmes, it was reported that outside agencies come in including the CAB and a Norwich based company who provide debt management advice.  PC reported that staff morale at HMP Bure is very high.  They are a newly created workforce who have undertaken training together and who are very proactive whilst putting in routines.  There are good feedback methods and are working towards obtaining Investors in People status.  Sickness levels are the lowest of all prison estates.  Coltishall PC felt very much at ease with the prison and thanked PC for attending their parish council meeting.  Regarding the reported issue of light pollution reported on the southern prison boundary – PC reported that this was not coming from the prison and therefore did not know the source of this.  To get further direction from Scottow PC.With regards to the wind turbine, this has been deferred and is part of a strategic review being dealt with by the MoJ as part of the disposal of the remainder of the site.  SMB reported that there will be a community consultation event taking place over the next few weeks to share the MoJ’s Masterplan in respect of the remainder of the Coltishall site.  The MoJ wants to be comfortable that any people on site will be good neighbours.  There remains good dialogue between the District Council and the MoJ in this respect.In answer to a question in respect of a recent fire in one the H-blocks, PC reported that this was just a small fire in one of the cells which is not uncommon for a prison and was a very low level incident.  He said that there is a Fire Strategy in place and the prison has regular visits by Norfolk Fire Service.   
5.    Questions / IssuesAll covered earlier.   
6.    Any other businessThere was no further business.   
7.    Dates and times of future meetings§    Thursday, 22 July 2010 – 9.30 am – Newton House, HMP Bure§    Tuesday, 19 October 2010 – 9.30 am – Newton House, HMP Bure