22 JULY 2010


Cllr Mike Adams – Scottow Parish Council (MA)

Cllr Penny Bevan-Jones – North Norfolk District Council (PBJ)

Steve Blatch – Strategic Director – Development, NNDC (SMB)

Sandra Bush – PA to Steve Blatch, NNDC (taking minutes) (SJB)

Paul Cawkwell – Governor, HMP Bure (PC)
Sapphire Coote – Ormiston Children and Families Trust (SC)
Cllr Nigel Dixon – Norfolk County Council (ND) - Chair
John Harding – Coltishall Parish Council (JH)
Cllr David Harrison – Norfolk County Council (DH)
David Hayman – Norfolk County Council (DHm)
Polly Kane – NOAF (PK)
Cllr Alan Mallett – Broadland District Council (AM)
Cllr Ted Nichols – Buxton with Lamas Parish Council (TN)
Cllr Barbara Rix – Broadland District Council (BR)
Cllr Spencer Whalley – North Norfolk District Council (SW)
Cllr Cath Wilkins – North Norfolk District Council (CW)

Cllr Simon Woodbridge – Leader, Broadland District Council (SW)


Apologies were received from PC Gary Read, James Carswell and Keith Childerhouse.


Round table introductions were made.


Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the meeting held on 29 April 2010 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


SMB reported that he had met with Norfolk Constabulary concerning the use of their part of the site for public order training. This will be reviewed when the MoJ make a decision in respect of the disposal of the remainder of the former RAF Coltishall site. Regarding the use of the Hautbois Road by police vehicles accessing the site and training facility, they are mindful of the B1150/Scottow to Buxton road route to access the site and will take these concerns into consideration. During the winter months the B1150 is de-iced but the Hautbois Road is not.


SMB said that he wrote to Annington Homes in respect of a joint approach for directional road signs in Coltishall Village and Buxton junction to both HMP Bure and Badersfield but had received a reply saying they were not prepared to contribute towards the signage. 


PC reported that he has been liaising with Paul Sellick at Norfolk County Council who indicated that some of the older signs could be patched up and some new signs erected. PC confirmed that the prison would be prepared to underwrite the costs of patching up the new signs but could not pay for any new signage. PC said that he gave assurance to NCC of this last week who are now preparing the relevant invoice. He expects that work will be undertaken imminently. 


SMB stated that he has not written to Anglia Water regarding the billing of domestic properties at Badersfield for water and sewage services as the Council feels compromised in this regard as this is a civil matter between the residents and the statutory provider. The liability to provide sewerage is with Anglia Water who may charge the residents for this service. There were concerns over the amount of service charge residents are currently paying to Annington Homes.


SMB reported that he has got clarity from Royal Mail to change the name of RAF Coltishall to Badersfield and is hoping that they will undertake a public consultation exercise later this year.


Update from Paul Cawkwell, Governor of HMP Bure


PC referred to his circulated report:

Operational Matters

The prison currently houses in the region of 500 offenders, and has been full for two months. The prison is fully functional and has been for some time and there have not been any reportable incidents in what has been a short, but successful lifetime. PC confirmed that a recent report about a prisoner escaping was just a rumour.


Currently, the prison directly employs 287 members of staff and is still carrying a number of vacancies. All of these posts are remunerated at National rates of pay. The prison’s long term business partners employ in excess of a further 100 members of staff in a variety of roles ranging from Nursing and Teaching professionals to support and advice services in the Visitors Centre.


Engagement with the Community


The prison maintains a healthy relationship with the Douglas Bader Centre, and retains its membership with the North Norfolk Business Forum.


The bus service linking the prison to the Norwich train terminals is still being provided by the prison.

Two matters have come to the prison’s attention:-
Water Pressure

The prison was alerted to concerns from some residents of the neighbouring Annington Homes estate, stating that water pressure dropped during peak periods of demand. Engineers have subsequently measured the flow of water to the prison and this estate and have found no evidence that the prison is draining water away from the houses. As a precautionary measure the prison has changed the local water management systems to ensure that the prison’s water tanks can only routinely be refilled at night. There have not been any further complaints since that remedial action was taken. 

Road Signage

The second issue relates to the request for improved road signage and as mentioned earlier the prison has informed the Planning and Transportation Department of Norfolk County Council that they are prepared to pay for the “patching” of the existing signage that was identified in Mr Sellick’s report and will be happy to enter into discussions about the perceived need for new signage.


With regards to whether Badersfield will be signposted, this is a matter for the County Council and Annington Homes.


A planning application for the erection of a new prison block was submitted a few weeks ago and is currently with one of the Council’s Planning Officers. It is likely to be a delegated decision and is hoped it will be determined on that basis. If it goes to Committee, this is likely to be in September. 


Scottow PC commented that residents of the village have not received copy of the recently circulated Conservation Area leaflet. SMB to take this back.


Presentation from Sapphire Coote on the work of the Ormiston Children and Families Trust


SC gave a presentation on the work of the Ormiston Children and Families’ Trust which operated the HMP Bure Visitor Centre under contract to the Ministry of Justice and circulated a Fact Sheet to the group. The Trust should not be confused with Ormiston Education. The Trust also runs a well established visitor centre at Norwich Prison. 


An offender, over the course of a year, is only entitled to a total of 24 one hour visits. 43% of sentenced prisoners lose contact with their family during their time in prison so at HMP Bure offenders are granted two hour sessions. It is a fact that more children in the UK are affected by imprisonment each year than by divorce. 


The Trust works with / supports children and families who are affected by parents being in prison. 


At HMP Bure the Ormiston Trust Visitor Centre provides:

  • Somewhere they can relax before going into the prison
  • Get a hot drink and something to eat
  • Access information and support from friendly staff
  • A listening ear to distressed and upset visitors
  • A play area so children have some time to play before the visit
  • A complaints, comments and suggestions process to try to improve the experience of visiting
  • Children’s visits for children whose dad or grandad is in prison
  • Visits booking facility

The costs of operating the Visitor Centre are met - 69.5% from HMP Bure, 30.5% Ormiston Trust.


Ormiston’s objectives are:

  • Close partnership working
  • Shared beliefs and understanding around safety and security
  • Knowledge of what works to reduce offending
  • Desire to help and support families

Children’s visits take place once a month for two hours and it is hoped that this might be extended to a full day. There is a limit of 10 spaces per session which are monitored and can be reported and fed into the Offender Management System. This also highlights which visits are taken up etc. Domestic visits do not happen at the same time.


The Trust gets grants for their funding and bids for funding for individual projects. Some private investment and fundraising.


Presentation from Polly Kane, Norfolk Offender Strategy Officer on the work of Norfolk Offender Accommodation Forum


Polly’s post is hosted by Broadland District Council but she works across the whole county. 

  • The Forum has been around in different forms for many years and was originally linked to Probation funded services, formalised with the introduction of the Supporting People Programme in 2003.
  • Involves Housing, Support and Criminal Justice Agencies – over 40 members
  • A multi-agency group that works strategically and operationally to highlight and address the housing and support needs of offenders in Norfolk
  • To promote the rehabilitation of offenders
  • To increase public protection
  • To prevent homelessness
  • To reduce levels of re-offending

Largest piece of work so far is the Norfolk Joint Strategic Review. Further information on this can be found on the Broadland Housing website under Housing Advice.


Polly to liaise with Sandra to get people’s details in respect of sending out invitation to their next conference.

How we can help:
  • Raise the profile of the work of NOAF
  • Use the Forum as a resource
  • Come to our Conference – meet our members
  • Assist delivery of key actions
Questions / Issues

PC said that he had not been contacted by Ian Hubbard regarding the problem of light pollution. Apparently there is still a problem with this.

Any other business

There was no further business. 


It was hoped that a presentation of the MAPPA process would be made at the next meeting. ND said that we very much value the support work that both Polly and Sapphire provide and felt that a lot of people out in the wide-world are probably not aware of the support that is available.


PC suggested that one of the future meetings of the group could perhaps be held in the prison itself. Sandra to liaise with Anna re this.


Dates and times of future meetings
  • Tuesday, 19 October 2010 – 9.30 am – Newton House, HMP Bure
  • It has been agreed that the next meeting of the HMP Bure Liaison Committee due to take place on 19 October be postponed to allow the new Governor, Sue Doolan, to take up and settle in to her new position at HMP Bure during November.  

    The next meeting of the group will now therefore take place on Wednesday, 8 December 2010 at 9.30 am at Newton House, HMP Bure.