Coltishall Litter Picking - Vacancy for Litter Picking Warden

Are you interested in becoming a Parish Litter Warden? if so,  read on and if  you are still interested please contact

Litter Picking

Local Action

The CPRE Norfolk Anti-Litter Group takes local campaigning action to clean up Norfolk and prevent the spread of litter and flytipping across the county.  The group is working with district and county councils to look at fresh ways to tackle the litter problem, while also engaging with parish councils, community groups and schools across Norfolk.  Litter picking events have been featured on BBC TV and BBC Radio and volunteers collected over 250 bags of rubbish last year during our annual ‘Clean Up Norfolk’ event.


Campaign Meetings

If litter and flytipping vexes you, then CPRE would welcome your ideas at our regular campaign meetings in Norwich.  CPRE volunteers, parish council representatives, community rangers and other local groups get together to discuss the issues and take action.  For the next meeting date, please contact the Anti-Litter Group Secretary, Judy Heal, on 01263 862569 /


Litter Picks

Volunteers are welcome at regular CPRE-organised litter picks throughout the county - please contact the Anti-Litter Group Chairman, Paul Wiley on 01263 713572 / for details of the next clean up event or check out the web diary under news / events.


Equipment for Hire

Litter-picking equipment (sets of gloves, hi-visibility jackets, grabbers and bags) is also available for loan from a collection point in North Norfolk or from the CPRE Norfolk office in Norwich.  Parish councils, resident associations, schools, scout groups and individuals are welcome to borrow this equipment - please phone the CPRE Norfolk office to arrange collection.


Parish Litter Warden Fund

Parish and town councils, resident associations and community groups across the county, have benefitted from CPRE funding to support dedicated litter wardens in local areas.  Honorariums and sets of litter picking equipment have been given to over 30 groups in the county.  



For Further Information

 Download <How To Organise A Litter Pick In 10 Easy Steps>

CPRE Norfolk Anti-Litter Group on the LitterAction website

CPRE Stop The Drop Anti-Litter Campaign