Extract of letter of thanks to Coltishall Tree Warden, Peter Croot From a Duxford parishioner Jim Earl

Thank you very much indeed for your most helpful letter about Community Orchards. The idea has sparked off quite a wave of interest in Duxford and I am optimistic that we will achieve a lot in the next few months.

So far, we have the agreement in principle of our Parish Council and a choice of two potential sites. We also have an offer of 50% funding from our County Council, and a free practical training day on 5 December to which we will be sending a couple of our Allotment Society members. After that, the County Council will come to inspect the sites and give us some advice on local conditions. I am in the process of writing a formal proposal for our next Parish Council meeting at the moment.

As a result of your letter, I hope to follow Coltishall's example and plant something in the region of thirty trees with as many different varieties a possible. I will also include your figures about the depletion of orchards and wild flower meadows in my proposal paper.

Thank you too, for your offer of further advice when we need it. This is fairly uncharted territory for our village, so I am sure that we shall be in touch again in the next few months.

Good luck with your own orchard development. It certainly seems to be an idea with a future.


Happy planting to all involved at Duxford